Top 5 tips to Manage Employee Attendance in 2021

Top 5 tips to Manage Employee Attendance in 2021
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Top 5 tips to Manage Employee Attendance in 2021

Introduction to Employee Attendance Management

 Managing employee attendance is one of the most important organizational activities. Are you doing it with the employee attendance sheet in excel? If yes, then understand that it is an outdated and inefficient way of tracking employee attendance. It is 2021! Most employees have the option to work from home, work from the hybrid workspace, or work in pre-set schedules or shifts.

Almost all organizations are offering alternate work locations to their employees. In such a case, tracking attendance on sheets can prove detrimental for your organization. Why? Because some of your employees may be taking random offs, coming late, leaving early, or be unproductive.


In such a situation, how many employees’ attendance can you track through excel sheets? Honestly, not many! So, if you don’t want things to get out of control, then it is high time to change the way you manage attendance. This article offers the top 5 tips to manage employee attendance in 2021.

Top 5 tips to Manage Employee Attendance in 2021

Set Clear Employee Attendance Policy & Procedures

Define employee attendance policy and procedures clearly. In some cases, employees are not conveyed about the attendance policy. They fail to understand the impact of their absenteeism. This results in poor employee attendance. The first step to managing employee attendance is to draft a clear attendance policy. The policy should convey in clear terms the rules and expectations of absenteeism. It should also state the desired steps to request leave. Not to forget the consequences of not following them. Be sure that the policy has been conveyed to the employees. Employees should be able to access it whenever they want. It will help control unscheduled employee absenteeism to a large extent. In the long run, the policy will aid improve team morale and productivity as well.

Be Open and Offer Flexibility

Be open and offer flexibility to the employees. Tight schedules and rigid attendance policy make employees feel frustrated. They may feel tied to the workplace. As a result, they could take days off to get a break from monotony or to attend to their tasks. It leaves a negative impact on productivity and margins. If the employer offers open and flexible work culture, the employees can choose the schedule. Work flexibility improves employee morale, resulting in lesser absenteeism and improved productivity. It is important to have the right software for the attendance management system to track flexible work hours. The system in place will prevent unwanted human bias and reduce the cost incurred on attendance management.

Empower Employees to Use Employee Attendance App

It is much likely that the majority of today’s workforce is millennial or GenY. They use the latest technology to manage almost all their tasks. You can empower employees to use the employee attendance app so that they can manage their attendance and other HR-related tasks through the app. Employee attendance app can help employees log in to work hours from the office, remote workspace, or project site. The centralized location of employee attendance data can help in creating informative HR reports. Also, it can smoothen payroll processing.

Bring Attendance & Payroll Management together

Organizations managing their attendance and payroll manually usually end up spending their much valuable time to meet mundane & repetitive tasks. Manual processing can also result in mismanaged salary payments. Your organization can run accurate and transparent payroll by bringing together attendance & payroll functions. A cloud-based time and attendance software can automate routine attendance records and payroll.

Tackle Serious Employee Attendance Problems

You will be able to recognize serious problems with employee attendance after using the attendance management system for few weeks. Zero down on such issues and try to understand the reason beyond such problems. If it is temporary, then discuss with your employees to create a win-win situation. Else, it is time to take some disciplinary action. Remember open communication creates opportunities. So, begin with an open discussion with the employee and immediate supervisor. Convey the policies once again and communicate with the employee about the impact of the unplanned absence on the company and the team. Give them few months to improve the situation. They should be clear that the employment will be terminated if there is no significant improvement in attendance. In case of no improvement, the organization can opt for suspension or termination of the employee.


Attendance management is one of the key areas that can catapult organizational performance. Follow these top 5 tips to manage employee attendance in 2021. It can help you create better work experience & productivity across teams.

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