Frappe Books

Frappe Books

Discover the Power of Modern Desktop Accounting Software

Experience the simplicity and elegance of Frappe Books, a cutting-edge desktop accounting software

Experience the simplicity and power of Frappe Books with Turqosoft Solutions, your dedicated partner for expert Frappe Books consulting services

Frappe Books is a contemporary, functional, and open-source desktop accounting program, perfect for small enterprises. It provides essential tools for managing accounts, invoices, customers, and cash flow. This cross-platform software works seamlessly on Windows, MAC, and Linux. It supports various currencies and GST, making account management and invoicing effortless.

Frappe Books, feature-packed solution for your business

Why Frappe Books Stands Apart

Desktop Centric
Frappe Books is designed to operate on your computer, ensuring accessibility even without an internet connection.
Cloud Independence
Say goodbye to reliance on cloud services. Frappe Books remains unaffected by disruptions caused by discontinued cloud providers.
Privacy Protection
Rest assured knowing that Frappe Books securely stores your data on your computer, safeguarding your sensitive financial information.
Open Source
Experience the freedom and flexibility that comes with Frappe Books, an open-source accounting software. Harness the potential of open-source technology and enjoy unparalleled control and customization options.


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Frappe Books

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