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ERPNext offers a wide range of business modules, encompassing CRM, sales, manufacturing, project management, purchases, and human resource management. Additionally, it provides industry-specific modules tailored for education, healthcare, nonprofit, and agriculture sectors, as well as a fundamental module essential for every organization.
Developed by Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd., ERPNext is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution built on the MariaDB database system and powered by a server-side framework based on Python. This open-source ERP software is licensed under GNU GPLv3, enabling complete customization of modules based on your specific business requirements. Serving as a comprehensive alternative to proprietary software, ERPNext empowers you to manage all aspects of your business operations. It is particularly well-suited for small to mid-sized businesses. Leveraging ERPNext Implementation & Development enhances organizational efficiency and optimizes business processes.

ERPNext comes with 1000+ Objects to Help you Run your Business

Some of the Best ERPNext Features

Operational Transparency
Achieve operational transparency effortlessly with streamlined and systematized operating procedures at your fingertips.
Ease of Use
Experience unparalleled ease of use with an intuitive user interface that enhances user productivity, making the software a breeze to navigate and utilize.
Enable seamless traceability across your supply chain by effortlessly tracking the locations of components, products, and materials.
Ensure complete traceability by effortlessly tracking the whereabouts of components, products, and materials, maintaining a comprehensive record of their locations throughout the supply chain.
Inventory Management
Optimize your inventory management with robust quality management features, providing you with clear insights into the continuous flow of inventory, ensuring efficient tracking and control.
Predictive Inventory Forecast
Gain a competitive edge with predictive inventory forecasting, allowing you to analyze trends and accurately forecast inventory needs throughout the business cycle.


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