Steps to Consider before ERP Implementation begins

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Steps to Consider before ERP Implementation begins

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a range of software solutions that can help to streamline & ease business processes among various departments of an organization. Commonly referred to as Manufacturing Software, MRP (Material Requirements Planning) Software, and Inventory Control System, if not implemented in a planned and systematic manner ERP implementations can end up in failures. 

Many implementation failures happen because of the unpreparedness of organizations and their employees. From not considering various options to not zeroing down on the most suitable vendor – these are some of the mistakes which enterprises implementing ERP do. 

Steps to Consider before ERP Implementation begins

While some organizations prepare themselves for ERP implementation [Top 5 Tips on Making ERP Implementation Right], most miss out on the aspects to be considered before the implementation. Take a look at Steps to Consider before ERP Implementation begins:

Implementation Budget

Allocating an implementation budget is extremely essential for an organisation that is planning to implement ERP. There are various factors to be considered, like whether the ERP will be standalone or cloud-based, the vendor will be local or remote, modules required, and many more. Often the requirements keep evolving during the whole implementation process and along with it the cost estimated by the vendor. As a result, many ERP implementations run over the preset budget. In order to ensure a smoother transition with the best results, organizations should remain well prepared with the ERP implementation budget.

Preparedness for Change Management

One of the major challenges your team will face during implementation is change. As a result, there will be friction in the implementation process. It can impact the organisation at different levels. In some cases, the job roles might become obsolete which can leave an impact on employee morale. Hence, it is important for organizations to keep their employees prepared to manage such changes by taking up bigger job roles. Open communication can go a long way in preparedness for change management. 

Assign a Project Team

Involve people by creating a project team for the implementation of ERP software. The team should include a project manager, and your best people from all the departments involved. Involving them will ensure that all the required functionalities are considered from the very beginning. It will also make user adoption faster and smoother.

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