Top 3 HRMS Myths – Debunked

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Top 3 HRMS Myths – Debunked

The global scenario has changed the way organisations operate. Today, the employees and teams are much more dynamic. They work from offices, different locations, remote locations, and also from their home offices. It has become difficult for HR to manage such teams with traditional systems – whether it be attendance management, performance management, payroll processing, or more.

Technology comes in as a handy tool, to manage all these aspects effectively, considering the present working scenario. HRMS (Human Resource Management Solution) can be used to align the task force with the requirements of modern workspaces. But many organisations are reluctant to adopt HRMS due to the myths that surround this software solution. Let’s take a look at the most prominent HRMS myths and debunk them:

HRMS is for Large Organizations

Many new and upcoming business entities feel that their organizations are small and do not need HRMS solutions to manage employee details. It often leaves the employers and employees with a confused state of mind and affairs. Ultimately the lack of a proper system leads to chaos and dissatisfaction among the employees resulting in poor productivity and employee turnover. It stands as a stumbling block even when your organisation grows. Investing in a robust HRMS will set a system in place right from the very beginning. It will not only streamline the HR management process but also reduce employee dissatisfaction and turnover resulting in a strong organisation ready to pounce for further growth.

HRMS is Expensive

Some organizations shy away from implementing HRMS believing that they are way too expensive and unaffordable. While there had been days of such systems, today SaaS and Cloud technology has made it affordable for even small organizations. Compared to the cost of hiring or outsourcing HRMS, the cost of SaaS HRMS is way too affordable. Your organisation just needs to pay as per your use and number of employees. Moreover, you can upgrade it as the business and number of employees scale higher.


HRMS is Complex

Some Organizations believe that using HRMS is very complex. Instead it is easier to record things in books or excel sheets. While the opposite is true. Most HRMS are very simple and easy to learn and use. These systems have a lean interface and workflow which makes HR functions easier and faster to process. Not only this but using HRMS also helps generate accurate and faster reports which would otherwise take hours to be prepared, not to forget the chances of manual error. It helps employee management functions like calculating working hours & time offs, payroll management, performance management, and much more with ease. 

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