ERP Trends 2021 | How berryERP can help your Business Growth in 2021

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ERP Trends 2021 | How berryERP can help your Business Growth in 2021

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps organizations to streamline and manage their business process effectively. It includes a range of software applications that enable smoothen the department specific operations of an organisation. It could include processes like inventory management, purchases, vendor management, sales, customer management, manufacturing, accounts, CRM, and HRMS. Integration of different departments is one of the major reasons that make ERP an inevitable part of modern day business.

ERP solutions have become a crucial part of more and more organizations – no matter what the size of the business. The pandemic has furthered the importance of ERP by its ability to manage and monitor the business operations from remote locations. Newer systems are adapting to newer technologies making it much more convenient, faster, and affordable for the users. 

The organizations that adapted to ERP systems have benefited greatly by business continuity and improved operational efficiency. However, there are more organizations which are yet to make a move and are suffering gravely. 

This blog discusses the ongoing ERP trends in 2021 and how Turqosoft’s berryERP can help your business grow in 2021.



What is berryERP?

Turqosoft’s berryERP is a truly integrated Enterprise Resource Planner on Cloud that helps improve coordination and efficiency of the organisation. Its fully integrated modules include Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounts, Sales, and Asset Management. The reporting features equip you with smart business data for making crucial business decisions.

Centralized Access

This scalable solution on cloud allows centralized access so that you can simply log in and track your business transactions from anywhere through any device.

Data Security

Disaster recovery, database security, network defence, SSL, and data encryption ensures that the business data remains well protected.

Reliable Support

Access to priority product support, knowledge base, videos, and online issue reporting ensures that you avail seamless support.

User Friendly

BerryERP is easy to use and is structured to be highly flexible so that it can provide the user with easy and end-to-end experience.

High Performance

Our systems are up 99.9% of the time ensuring seamless performance. Automatic software upgrades and disaster recovery plan ensures uninterrupted business everyday.

Cost Saving

We provide highly affordable and flexible SaaS plans because cost should not refrain you from transforming your business. 

Turqosoft is among the best ERP Cloud vendors in Kerala. If you are looking for a shift from a standalone system to ERP Cloud Software (SaaS) connect with us through email or call us on +91 9841205845. Also, you can follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a regular dose of interesting updates.

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