Top Challenges of Remote Working Employees in 2021

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Top Challenges of Remote Working Employees in 2021

The pandemic situation has changed traditional ways of approaching things. It has changed many aspects whether it is shopping, buying groceries, banking, investing, or even working. 

While most of us have adapted to the changes, there are still gaps to gain efficiency, especially while working remotely. It is particularly challenging in India due to the limitations in infrastructure in remote locations.

Top Challenges of Remote Working Employees in 2021

Apart from infrastructure, remote employees in India face a particular level of challenge. The top three being unplugging after work, loneliness, and collaboration or communication. Let’s discuss how to manage these three individuals in such a manner that productivity can be enhanced:

Unplugging After Work

One of the biggest challenges faced by remote working employees in India is to manage their time between work and home. Most of us think of work when doing home chores and home when attending to work – which leaves us with multiple clashing thoughts, ultimately disrupting both work and home needs. 

The easiest way to maintain a balance between the two is to plan and set aside time – whether it is for important official tasks, attending to home chores, or spending time with loved ones. Setting aside time for different tasks will ensure that you attempt those tasks and also within the designated time. It will ensure that time is utilised productively. Also, you can delegate some of the tasks and use automation wherever possible. It will leave you with more time in hand. 

Also, unplugging remains a challenge due to the guilt of time wasted on unnecessary things. Ensure that you set ground rules for people around you and yourself – and adhere to them. Do not procrastinate and get it done smarter so that you can unplug unapologetically.


Working alone remotely has left many employees feeling the absence of their colleagues. 

Lack of coffee break discussions, random talks, and troubleshooting problems together is no more an active part of employee lives. Over some time it has resulted in the employees feeling lonely while working from home or remote locations. Since we are social beings it can even render us demotivated and impact our mental health in the long run. 

You can manage loneliness while maintaining social distance by going for short walks, or connecting with your team informally (once a week or month). Maintain a work-specific playlist that you can listen to while working. More importantly, connect with your family members through video calls or FaceTime. It can do wonders for your productivity and mental health leaving you pumped with bursts of energy.


Several tools or software applications can help you enhance collaboration and productivity depending upon your domain. The most relevant ones being tracking projects, formal team chat platform, production planning, Human Resource Management, interdepartmental information-gathering tools and many more. 

Most of these tools are even free for limited users. You can search for such tools based on your industry and start using them right away. You can also share them across different departments of your organisation so that altogether the teams can collaborate for increased efficiency.

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