5 Things you must know before Purchasing ERP Software

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5 Things you must know before Purchasing ERP Software

An ERP system is software that includes all aspects of a business – purchases, inventory, manufacturing, finance, and sales. As the system records each business process right from the beginning, it makes available data across different operational functions of the organization helping enable data-driven decisions. 


ERP is a system that holds together many business processes and helps its growth through integrated and transparent recording processes. Hence, ERP implementation should be carried out with utmost consideration and thorough research on which ERP system best suits your business requirement. Here are 5 things you must know before purchasing ERP software: 

Does it suit your business requirement?

Each business is different in the way it operates and is regulated by the authorities. Hence, it won’t be right to say that one ERP could solve every business challenge. It is important to understand whether your ERP vendor can solve your business-specific issue or not. Also, understand that investing in ERP is not a one-time decision. It has to adapt and evolve with every micro and macro change that takes place in the business world. Rather than choosing a big name in the ERP vendor space, it is always better to understand what value they would be able to add to your business, whether they have solutions specific to your industry if they provide customised solutions, etc.

Are the Requirements Clear?

Implementing ERP software is not just limited to automating your tasks but also to solving specific bottlenecks of the business process. For this very purpose, you should list down specific requirements that you look to meet with the implementation. While you should list down present business challenges, future requirements can also be considered. The software should be able to come up with business data analytics that can help the management to make futuristic business decisions.

Are too many ERP features right for my Business?

While having many functions handled by ERP looks like a lucrative deal, do not just consider that one aspect to make your buying decision. Check for business-specific struggles that it can solve for your employees and management. Consider the ERP vendor’s experience in the industry, integrations that could be done seamlessly, professionalism of the vendor, support process, customisations, upgrades, and the like to choose from among the variety of software available.

Is my Team ready for the Change?

While analysing ERP vendors in the market is an extremely important step, looking within also holds crucial importance. ERP software is just a tool to take you in the desired direction, but it is your management and team who should make good use of it in the desired manner. Merely investing in ERP won’t fetch you desired results but your team’s readiness to adapt to change is what steers the business in the desired direction. Ensure that your transition team is ready for change.

How will I maintain the ERP System?

Your work doesn’t end with the implementation of the ERP system. Rather, it is just a beginning. Maintaining the system and technical support are important aspects of the post-implementation phase. You must consider if you would be maintaining it yourself (on-premises) or you would need vendor support (on-cloud) to meet the aspect.

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