Ten Reasons why Businesses are moving from On-Premises HRMS to HRMS on Cloud

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Ten Reasons why Businesses are moving from On-Premises HRMS to HRMS on Cloud

Over the years, many organizations have invested in HRMS to improve efficiency in people management. Changing times and technologies have replaced these solutions by modern-day HRMS on Cloud, which is much more flexible, convenient, and efficient. However, few organizations remain hesitant to move from the legacy system to cloud-based solutions. After a point of time, on-premises solutions become limited and redundant. Moreover, adding enhancements to on-premises solutions are a time and money consuming process. As a result, gaps develop in the system leading the HR staff to spend much of their time managing the process manually. Whereas HRMS on-cloud comes with regular updates keeping the system truly automated. Among other reasons, auto-update is one of the main reasons for organizations to move from On-Premises HRMS to HRMS on Cloud.

Here are the main reasons why businesses are moving from On-Premises HRMS to HRMS on Cloud:

Centralized Management

Whether you are a single location business or located at multiple places, a cloud-based HRMS allows you to access and operate the system from anywhere using the device of your choice. Apart from this, the management can also get access to centralized employee data at any time anywhere.

Saves Time

Superior efficiency and flexibility allow a cloud-based system to be the easiest and fastest means of implementing automated processes. Unlike on-premises solutions, the cloud-based solutions are already designed and configured on cloud servers. The organizations just need to select the modules and start using them for their operations.


The major benefit of on-cloud software is zero upfront initial investment & low maintenance fees. Unlike on-premises solutions, you don’t need to invest heavily in server maintenance for on-cloud solutions. You can just choose from among pocket-friendly SaaS plans that suite your requirements.

Modern User Experience

Cloud-based HRMS combines user experience and intelligence to understand the user’s interests and provide a smart and friendly user experience.

High Performance

With 99.99% uptime, HRMS on Cloud is much more reliable than on-premises HRMS. Moreover, on-cloud solutions also provide automatic software upgrades and disaster recovery plans.


With database security, network defense, data encryption, SSL, and role-based access your employees’ confidential data is highly secure on Cloud than on-premises software.


On-cloud solutions have open APIs that allow integration to other applications. These integrations allow organizations to access organizational data through a uniform platform.


On-cloud software stores large organizational data on-cloud. The system can access and analyze complex organizational data to create smart and meaningful managerial information. Such insights can help the management in taking strategic decisions.


Technology is meaningful only when it is updated from time-to-time. Cloud-based systems are automatically updated periodically providing your organization with the latest and upgraded software. The latest & updated features can help managers in performing enhanced HR functions with much ease and convenience.


If your business is running with on-premises HRMS scaling will require buying and deploying new servers which are both money and time-consuming. With HRMS on-cloud scaling is agile & easier because upgrades take place behind the scenes and you pay just as you use.

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