ERPNext Version 15 Features: What’s New?

ERPNext version 15 features

ERPNext Version 15 Features: What’s New?

Embark on a journey of business transformation with ERPNext Version 15 features, a cutting-edge update that redefines the landscape of enterprise resource planning.

In this era of dynamic business evolution, staying ahead is not just a strategic advantage; it’s a necessity. With a host of game-changing features, ERPNext Version 15 stands as a beacon for business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to revolutionize their operations.

ERPNext Version 15 Features

ERPNext version 15 features
ERPNext version 15 features

From empowering financial finesse to orchestrating a revolution in inventory management, this update is a comprehensive solution designed to elevate businesses to new heights of efficiency and success.

Now, let’s unravel the mysteries of what makes ERPNext Version 15 truly exceptional. Join us as we dive into the top features that promise to be the catalysts for transforming your business landscape.

Financial Finesse

ERPNext V15 features1
ERPNext V15 features

Effortless Accounting

Introducing the new “Account Closing Balance” feature, simplifying year-end closing and reconciliation. Manage advance payments with ease by booking them in separate party accounts.

Enhanced Reporting

Generate financial reports at lightning speed and gain valuable insights with improved financial reporting tools.

Streamlined Invoicing

Edit account heads and cost centers directly on submitted sales and purchase invoices, saving you time and frustration. Automate invoice generation for subscriptions and ensure a smooth recurring revenue flow.

Inventory Management Revolution

ERPNext V15 features
ERPNext V15 features

Multi-level BOM Creation

Say goodbye to tedious, multi-screen processes. Create complex Bills of Materials (BOMs) with ease using the intuitive, single-screen multi-level BOM creator.

Stock Reservation Made Simple

Never worry about stock shortages again! Reserve stock against sales orders automatically, guaranteeing product availability for your customers.

Serial and Batch Management

Manage serial and batch numbers efficiently with the new selector tool. Bundle them together for added control and simplify complex inventory tracking.

Additional Highlights

ERPNext V15 features
ERPNext V15 features

Simplified Asset Management

Experience smoother asset tracking and depreciation calculations with the improved asset management features in ERPNext 15.

India Compliance Boost

Comply with Indian regulations effortlessly with the new advanced purchase reconciliation tool for GST reports (2A and 2B).

Ready to unlock the potential of ERPNext 15 for your business?

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Don’t wait! Embrace the power of ERPNext 15 and watch your business soar to new heights!

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