10 Tips to Work from Home during Covid19 pandemic

Work from Home during Pandemic
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10 Tips to Work from Home during Covid19 pandemic

It seems like Covid-19 is not lifting its scare any time soon. We have undergone and adapted to numerous changes this year. One of them is changing scenarios of the workforce. Concerning work, the concept of Work from Home or WFH becomes the safest and most practical option. The idea of work from home seems appealing to many but it is not as lucrative as it seems. Many of us are already working from home and understand the challenges it has thrown at us. Productivity is often at stake while we get distracted from different things that happen in a household. With little effort from your end, it can all be made easy and enjoyable without compromising on productivity. Let us dive into our favourite 10 tips to make work from home effective:

Designate a Workspace: You do not need to dedicate an entire room for an office. It could a less used nook of your house that can be set up as your workspace. Set up that extra desk and a comfortable chair there. Place your screen, printer, stationery, and other work-related stuff. Ensure that you have a reliable router, internet connection, and power backup for uninterrupted workflow. And finally jazz it up a bit with your favourite poster, books, flowers, or family pic.
Working with Toddler/ Young Children: If you have a toddler or young baby it is highly likely that they are at home too. In the case of a toddler, keep their pram close by so that you can monitor them while they play. Also, you can attend to them immediately during any need. You can also keep your co-workers and boss informed of any interruption that can arise in between calls or discussions. Young children are a bit easier to manage. You can set up a schedule for them and ask them to follow it. It will keep them busy and you can focus on work too.
Set a To-Do List and Schedule: Set a to-do list and schedule to complete the tasks. You can write it in your notepad or sticky notes and place it at a visible place so that you do not miss a thing. This can also include your at-home activities like watching that animation movie with your child or reading that favourite book.
Schedule a Quick Meeting with your Team: Your team is also working from home just the way you are. So, remember to keep in touch with them and keep the communication clear. Schedule a quick daily meeting with the team to ensure you can chart the course of action and that everybody is clear of what is expected from them. This will help you drive the work and assure your team members a human interaction.
Dress for Work: The way you dress influences your mood. Make sure you get out of those pyjamas and wear formal attire during work hours.
Stretch & Self Care: Being at home does not mean that you do not have to look and feel good. Make sure you have a scheduled self-care time and do not forget to stretch between the breaks.
Discuss your Work Plan with Superiors: Always discuss your work plans with your superiors. Let them know where that precious project is heading. This will put you away from the burden of sole responsibility and your superior will also appreciate your proactive attitude.
Set Work Hours & Family Time: Be clear to set aside work hours and family time. Just like the way you leave office on a scheduled time, ensure that you close technology at a scheduled time to be able to spend time with family.
Use Technology for Convenience: Be it a set of good headphones or free productivity software like Zoom, WhatsApp, or Google drive make sure you use them so that you are not disturbing those around you and improving your work efficiency.
Stay Motivated: Last but the most important of all – Stay Motivated. You may not be surrounded by team members to cheer you. So, you will have to find motivation (through books, shows, posters, quotes, etc.) to keep you going. This scenario is not kind to any of us. Hence, keep motivated and be kind to yourself and those around you. Remember – This too shall pass!


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