Optimizing Inventory Management with Turqosoft’s ERP Implementation Services

Optimizing inventory management
with Turqosoft’s ERP Implementation Services
A Case Study


The company was growing and reached a stage where its legacy system could no longer support the efficiency and visibility of its manufacturing process.

Our Client is a leading manufacturer and exporter of finished flooring products. It was difficult to manage their operations through a single software platform due to the complex manufacturing process which included outsourced manufacturing from multiple vendors. Different systems were used that mismanaged the material issued to vendors as the systems were not truly integrated. As a result, there were discrepancies in the inventory status, consumption, and wastage, ultimately impacting the financials of the client. A flexible and scalable ERP system was required to manage the manufacturing and inventory optimally.


Our solution

The organization needed an ERP solution that could truly integrate their complex manufacturing process with inventory and accounts.
Turqosoft worked with the client to deliver a solution that could auto calculate material requirements & wastage in manufacturing. This ensured that the right amount of material was issued to the vendor for outsourcing manufacturing and gained the following outcomes:


Turqosoft’s ERP implementation services has enabled us to apply a strategic approach to outsourced manufacturing. It has enhanced our capabilities to meet our export orders in a timely & cost-effective manner.”

Centralised System: Create a repository of live data regarding the operations of different departments. It included tracking stock position at the warehouse & with the vendor.
Role Based Access: Allow role-based access, permissions, and approvals depending upon the employee’s job role.
Strategic Solution: Turqosoft’s ERP implementation services have provided a solution that validates the outbound delivery of raw materials for outsourced manufacturing, and inbound delivery of finished products by the vendor.
Auto Calculations for Outsourced Manufacturing: The ERP solution helps lean the manufacturing process by auto calculating and issuing the raw material requirements. It helps the department to reduce the manufacturing waste thus reducing the input cost.


How our services bring about success