Enterprise made Intelligent with Turqosoft’s ERP Implementation Services

Enterprise made intelligent with
Turqosoft’s ERP Implementation Services
A Case Study


The company needed an ERP system to unite transactions across different parts of the business, enabling the management to access analysis and insights from anywhere.

Our Client is a leading manufacturer and exporter of flooring solutions across the world. Its customers include distributors, interior boutiques, and global retail chain stores. This calls for high level planning and quality execution of orders within the given period. A customized ERP platform was required to allow teams to work transparently and in coordination to meet the said standards of the orders. It was also needed to streamline departmental functions flagging to management about flaws, allowing easy identifications of bottlenecks to troubleshoot them for improved efficiency.


Our solution

The company needed an ERP system to provide a complete overview and transparency of departmental processes enabling strategic approach towards inventory and manufacturing.
Turqosoft worked with the client to deliver a software solution that includes the process workflow and analytics that are crucial to the manufacturing industry. This allowed the client to ensure that their workflows are taken care and get following desired results:


“Turqosoft’s ERP implementation service has helped us improve our workflow process and definitely helped our business scale higher. It has made our inventory management more accurate and manufacturing process leaner. Further, it has made the employees feel that their efficiency has improved.”

Centralised System: Create a single repository to store departmental documentation process that can be accessed from anywhere.
Role Based Access: Allow role-based access and permissions depending upon employee’s job role.
Strategic Solution: Turqosoft’s ERP implementation has been a strategic solution that provides access to database analytics and reporting for efficient managerial decision-making process.
Project Profitability Analysis: The ERP solution enables the management team to be notified of the financial profitability analysis of a project. It helps the management understand the win and lose points during a project. When this happens, the user can focus more on win aspects and try to control or bring down lose aspects. It provides a better understanding of the aspects where a business can improve further.


How our services bring about success